Wanted: Image Backup Software for SanDisk Extreme SSD

I need some Image Backup Software for SanDisk Extreme SSD.  I tried some from Western Digital but it didn’t work. 

_ Any suggestions? _


I use this and love it. Im not sure if it does scheduled backups but its great for imaging and cloning. 

So, it seems like Paragon has two products:


  • Drive Copy 11 Professional ($40)
  • Hard Disk Manager 12 Suite ($50)

I see that you can get a lot of additional function for the extra $10; however, will the Suite do the essential thing I need done; i.e., make an image copy of drive C (SSD) to another (now empty) drive on my tower (rotating HDD) and/or to a USB-connected hard disk drive – and resore the image to the SSD if needed so that I can boot from the SSD?


I noticed that the description of Drive Copy 11 talks a lot about SSD’s; however, the Suite 12 does not say much (if anything) about SSD’s.



i sue drive copy 11 and yes it can make images. I am by no means an expert on their software so I would suggest you email them.