wanted feature: volume profile "quiet"

I’ve upgraded my sansa clip to 02.01.32, but my most wanted feature i’m still missing:
I can use the sansa clip only with ear phones with build in hardware volume control, because radio and even some mp3s are to loud with the most quiet settings of “normal” volume/loudness profile.

Could you please create an additional volume/loudness profile “quiet”, which spread the most quiet half or third of the “normal” volume profile?

Than I could use the other ear phones without hardware volume control again. And I don’t have to switch between volume control of the ear phone and that one of the player.

Many thanks in advance!

BTW: Certainly I would also like to get the features, that everybody else wants, e.g. folder navigation and RDS radio station display. But an addtional volume profile also would be great help to me :wink:
and it looks like “the other feautres” are only provided to newer hardware (Clip+)… :-<

BTW2: I’ve there where all password restrictions shown at once, my registration would have been mutch faster. :-s

BTW3: Sansa Clip works great with linux. I’ve searched for that before buying… =o>