Want to recommend a portable DVD player with USB.

For those of you without a laptop or wanting something smaller and less prone to theft…

I wanted a portable DVD player that would, of course, play dvds but also avi movie files (DivX, Xvid)

Finally found one that not only plays the files (normally burned to dvd disc as data) but plays them off USB port AND off SD card slot.

7" display, battery life around 3 hours, and light.

Best of all, runs $80-90!


The GUI/menus are a little bit clunky but it’s really an amazing device to get your movies on the go.

The SD slot is NOT SDHC so you are limited to 2 gigs.  But if you get an 8 gig USB stick (or put an 8 gig micro SDHC into a USB adapter) you are good to go.  Movies running about 700 megs so you get around 11 movies per clip with an 8 gig stick.

Composite output to TV looks pretty good.

Comes with an effective remote control and a set of headphones, plus 120/240 v charger and 12 v car charger and video connect cables.

Sound quality is not bad; definitely loud enough for casual use as long as you’re not on the subway.

Sound is great with headphones or earbuds.

Very cool and I’m really diggin’ it.  Just thought I’d pass this along.

That is very cool.

I saw a few as I was looking around amazon.  The ones that can connect to an MP3 player are the way to go… have a few movies on there and watch either on the portable player (for several people to watch) or on the player.