Wake up to Sansa Music ?

Is there a dock or something I can get with speakers to allow me to wake up to a specific song on my Fuze ?

i had to wake up to my tv again today.  sure would like a way to wake up to my favorite spyro gyra track?    anyone ?

I’m not aware of any Sansa accessory that can give direction to the player to play a specific song.  Even the docking stations with a remote control only can do “Forward”, “Back”, “Play”, “Stop” and change the volume.

well that’s really sad :frowning:

Well, you could install Banshee Screamer on your computer instead…?  It can be set to play an MP3 file, or even a winamp playlist.

luckily i don’t have a computer in my bedroom

That’s what wireless speakers are for. ^.^

I don’t think I"m ready to burn 400 watts 24/7 for an alarm clock.