Vorbis tags

I have some MP3 files whose tags are not being read correctly either, though I think that might be the ISO-8859-1 vs UTF-8 issue, so I’m going to run those through MusicBrainz Picard again soon with the appropriate options set.

However, I am also having trouble with some Vorbis tags.  Using .22 firmware, in case anyone wonders.

In this particular case, the artist shows up as “Unknown” on the Fuze.  I used the vorbiscomment command to move the tag from the actual music file to a sinewave ogg file so that I can post it here without fear of copyright infringement. :)  But here it is:


OK, I think I actually solved this one myself, somewhat :wink:

I moved the “artist=” comment to the top of the list of comments, then re-wrote it using vorbiscomment.  I read while searching that someone had trouble with album art, so I theorized that moving it before the albumart comment (which is huge) might help.  And, voilà, it did.  No album art, but eh, that’s okay.

I can probably script this to “fix up” my vorbis files. :wink:

I think this might be a candidate for a bug fix for .23… anyone know how to get the appropriate attention?

Linux users: I created a script to batch re-sort Vorbis comments so they can be used by the .22 firmware on the Fuze.