Vorbis Ogg plaback support for Clip Sport Plust 16Gb Bluetooth

Does the SanDisk development or tech support team plan on fixing this deficiency any time soon and release updated firmware? A prompt response would be appreciated as I will be returning the Clip Sport Plus 16Gb to my local retailer and be moving on to an other player that does support .ogg files and is Bluetooth enabled, should the answer be a “No.”


With all due diligence my research led me to the decision to  purchased the Clip Sport Plus 16Gb specifically to play files in Vorbis .ogg format and have the Bluetooth capability to connect to a Bluetooth enabled audio panel of a general aviation aircraft. The SanDisk support web for this model of player states it will play .ogg files in addition to other popular formats (Ref: https://kb.sandisk.com/app/answers/detail/a_id/14130/related/1 ). This player does not play Vorbis .ogg formatted media files. After upgrading to the latest firmware 2.09 as of Feb 21, 2017 the message “File Format Not Supported” continues to display when trying to open these file types.

I use Ubuntu 14.04 LTS Linux exclusively with K3b Burn to rip CDs, and Banshee to sync music to the Clip Sport Plus 16Gb.

Example media file relevant Metadata:

Type: Audio

Codec: Vorbis Audio (vorb)

Channels: Stereo

Sample rate: 44100 Hz

Bitrate: 96 kb/s

ENCODER: K3bOggVorbisEncoderPlugin

since the specs state ogg should be supported I would suggest contacting sandisk support and submitting a sample file so they can analyze and test. if it is within the supported specification they can submit the file to engineering and should be able to release a fix. 


Heart felt appreciation for your prompt reply.  I’ve now found the SanDisk Commercial Product support contact information and will be submitting the bug report / enhancment request with them.  When an answer is forth coming, I’ll edit the post with a solution, if available.



After contacting Commercial Products was referred to retail products support which is by email only:


Let’s see what their response will be.

The Sport audio decoding is handled by a third party, so it is very, very unlikely that Sandisk is going to fix any compatibility issues you find at this point.  

The other thing is taht depending on how the Vorbis files are encoded, it may not even be possible to play them on simple devices like the Sport (which has a tiny amount of RAM).  The Vorbis spec defines no upper bound on how much memory can be required to play files.  It is certainly possible to make files that will fail on anything less than a smartphone/PC, and probably not very hard for devices like the sport that have only tiny amounts of RAM.  

I really wanted to puchase this player but had to purchase a different player when I learned that this player won’t decode vorbis files.

So does this mean that Sandisk is not planning on continuing support for Ogg Vorbis? Or should this question be posted as a separate inquiry in the forum (should this question be a new forum thread)?