Volume Too Loud - Is there a fix?

Don’t hold your breath on a RB port to the Clip


Have you verified Settings/Volume is Normal rather than High?

Another possibility:  you could use a program such as MP3Gain (freeware) to lower the volume level of all of your music.  It actually is a pretty fast and easy process (although it adds a step to putting your files on your Clip). 

Another possibility: If the headphones you use have a low ohm rating then the volume will seem higher on lower levels due to less resistance. Usually the cheaper the headphones the lower ohms it is.

I have just purchased a Sansa Clip (version V01.01.18A), but I am a little conserned about the volume level. At the lowest level, it is still really loud and if I try to set it any lower the volume turns off completely. I have the player set to “Normal”, but it has no effect on the volume level. Is there any way to adjust the volume setting?

Update to the latest firmware, version 20 (see the sticky thread at the top of the forum). 

I realize this is probably an incredibly dumb question, but what is a “sticky thread” and how do I find it? I’m sure I’m just not seeing it.

Thanks for your quick reply.

At the very top of the Clip forum, there are 4-5 “sticky threads”–they always stay at the top.  You want:  Sansa Clip 01.01.20 Latest Firmware Download.

But, you will note that a new firmware update has just come out in the past few minutes or so, version 29 (yes, there’s a skip to that); it is listed on the last page of the thread.  The “official” posting of the new firmware should happen shortly, with “release notes”:  what’s new and changed.

Thank You!!! I am now a very happy customer! The update completely fixed the volume issue. You guys are the best!! 

Good to hear!  if you didn’t do so, be sure to update to the latest version of firmware, v. 29–lots of further nice improvements.

Hey there everyone, just purchased a SansaClip.

I’ve also been concerned with the volume on my Sansa re being much too loud. I’ve looked around for that sticky thread which is supposed to have the 01.01.20 Firmware, but can’t seem to find it.:robotsad:

My current Firmware Version is:  V01.01.11A

I haven’t seen this mentioned around these forums in the few minutes I’ve looked. Is it extremely old? I’m in Australia (and bought it here), so could that be why? The volume is my only issue so far, but do you guys recommend I dowload ALL the firmware? Would the ‘Sansa Firmware Updater’ solve all problems?

Sorry, many questions…


Your Clip has the initial firmware, complete with no USB mode option, four step battery indicator, a few other assorted glitches I can recall after a pint or two…and, oh yes!!

High initial volume, especially noticed when using the FM radio (higher output).

You can update your Clip by downloading the Sansa Updater in the following link, or by manually installing the firmware file.  The only reason that MSC mode is mentioned is a combination of habit and simplicity.  If your device pops up in Windows Explorer as a media device, no worries.  As you double click on it, you’ll see “Internal Memory” next.  Double click one more time to open the root directory for firmware installation.

Here’s the link for firmware 01.01.30.

The Updater program will automatically load the formware for you, or simply choose the firmware file for your region, and unzip it.  The file will decompress to about 16MB.  This file, the .bin file, is simply dropped into the root directory of the Clip, but NOT into any of the folders.  When you unplug, “firmware update in progress” will display on the device.

You’ll notice the new 4-color (on a Clip, it will all be blue) Sansa logo, and you’ll have quite a few new features.  The most important one for you will be an improved volume step.  More volume steps have been added at the bottom end.  The maximum is the same!

Enjoy your Clip, and the new features.  Right away, you’ll see that the battery indicator now has ten steps.  Cool stuff.

Bob  :smileyvery-happy: