Volume not loud enough

Hello all, I am playing my Clip Jam through my car sterio. The volume is too low. If I use my phone I can turn the phone volume up and then adjust the volume on the radio. With the Clip Jam I have the radio volume all the way up and it is still to low. The only thing I can find for volume is high or low. Is there a volume control that I’m missing?


You’re using the volume control on the left side of the player to adjust, right?

Have you enabled the higher volume nag that pops up every blooming time you turn it on?  That limits volume.

Here are some System Settings that I use to optimize the volume on my Clip Sport…

Anytime I update the FirmWare or need to use the internal Restore command (almost never), I select North America for the region.  Sometimes the player asks to confirm this selection a few times. The prompt usually goes away after 3 times (?)

North America Region enables the player to use the “Normal” volume.

Settings menu -> System Settings

   -> Volume  (Normal setting is 2x louder than High)

   -> Equalizer (Pop setting is 2x louder than Normal)

   -> Replay Gain (I use Off, but you could try the Pre-gain 4.5db)

Maybe report your results here to inform Clip Jam (and Sport) users.

2 buttons on left side. go into settings select equalizer press toppbutton.