Volume limit?

    I’ve been checking reviews, etc about the Shaker – I’m thinking about getting one for each of my kids.  In one review, and only one review – not sure who wrote it – it was mentioned the volume is limited to 80 dB, so it won’t damage kids’ ears at the loudest volume.  So, first, is this factual?  Second, does the 80 dB refer to the speakers or the headphone jack?

My concern is the kids maxing the volume with headphones on and damaging their hearing.  No other MP3 player has anything like this, and I figure that the unit appears to be made to market to children, so it might incorporate something like this.  It would make sense to limit the volume output of the unit – actually that would be a good thing for any mp3 player – if it aims more at children or tweens.

If the Shaker truly does have a dB limit on the headphone jack, as well as the speaker, I’m definately buying it!

The 80dB refers to the speaker in the Sansa Shaker. The output through headphones are dependant upon their earbuds and may vary depending on their specifications. The dB output is not regulated through the headphone jacks.

You may be interested in a set of headphones specifically made for lower dB outputs. I have not used such a set, but here is a link to one product.

Link to iHearSafe earbuds.

Thank you very much for your answer and the link!  There was another link on that site to listentoyourbuds.org
which is dedicated to preventing hearing loss from mp3 players, etc.