Volume is acting different with videos...

Hi Guys!

I have Sansa Fuze 4 Gb Black, and I noticed something weird with the Sansa Fuze volume when playing videos, well if you try to play a song and change the volume (with the scroll wheel) it will change the volume (obvious) but if you play a video and try to change the volume it will also change the volume but if you pay attention the scroll wheel will move slower , I mean… when playing a video and trying to change the volume, the volume will change in a slower motion then when playing a song.

I don’t know if you guys got my point. 

Using firmware version: 01.01.11A

im guessing that since it takes more proccessing power to play videos than music, the cpu of the mp3 player is having a hard time doing both so what the it does is prioritize the videos first.