Volume control on Sansa Fuze 2 GB

I recently bought a Sansa Fuze 2 GB. It had a beautiful screen and nice features. I returned :cry:it because I did not know how to adjust the volume. I  looked in the settings and it just said “normal” or “high” .  When I used the FM radio the volume link would pop up under the station and when I would move the arrow to raise the volume or lower the volume it changed the station. I could not find what to press or to raise or lower the volume, I came to the conclusion there wasn’t any. I returned it to the store because of this. If anyone can tell me if there is a feature to adjust the volume I will go and buy one (again).

Go to Best Buy and play with it. To change the volume just rotate the dial either direction. That is the round thing that is around the button. It will rotate and automatically bring up the volume display.

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Thank you I will try that. I had been to Radio Shack today and they mentioned something about the button but I don’t know if that was for the Sansa Fuze 2gb.

wait, did you try using the dial ?  (not being sarcastic) it sounds from your original post that you were pressing the left and right arrows, but did didn’t seem to rotate the dial that is built on top of those buttons.

I did not know it had a dial or a button you could rotate. I just arrowed this way and that way, left and right up and down. I brought it back to Walmart.

I spoke with a man at Radio Shack the next day, they don’t have the 2 gb Fuze they only had the 4 and it mentioned to me about the dial rotating but he did not know if that feature was in the 2gb model. The directions did not say anying about using a dial for the volume.Is there a dial for volume on the Sansa Fuze 2gb? I would love to go buy it again if that is the case.

Yes, it’s the same on all of them (2, 4, and 8GB).

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Well, low and behold as simple as that…I thank you, for your help.  I should have known that it would be something that simple…unbeliveable…feeling a lil silly here…


The Sansa View was the first device to get the combination scroll wheel / quadrant switch.

This was an improvement over the discrete mechanical scroll wheel of the e200 series, where the wheel interfered a bit with the individual navigation buttons.

If you first try a Sansa Clip, the assumption is that the wheel doesn’t rotate, as it looks just like the Clip’s controls.

Personally, I like the feel of the scroll wheel of the e200 v2 model, as it’s very positive and smooth- and just a bit easier to use than the v1 models.

All variants of the Fuze have an identical wheel; the size if the internal memory is the only difference.

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