Volume Control, Lower level missing

Is there an upgrade/any way to make the volume quieter than the current low level?

I use my clip to help fall asleep, however the lowest volume level is too high… the next level is ‘mute’.

Is there any way to add more lower volume ‘selections’ to make it quieter?

If not, I hope Sandisk can incorporate this into the next firmware update!

try using custom eq, and setting all the freq to the lowest.

Do you have the latest firmware?  Lower sound was introduced earlier.

yes Miikerman, have latest firmaware; lowest sound still too loud.

You need to use less efficient headphones.  :smileyvery-happy:

Or lower the maximum sound level of all the files you want to listen to at such low volumes.

Or add a volume control between the Clip and your headphones/buds - I have a Koss one that works OK and cost about $10 (in the U.S.) from Amazon.  This way you can set the Clip volume one click above mute level and then use the separate volume controller to lower it even more.

Hopefully Sandisk will add lower volume level with next firmware upgrade!


I need also a lower  vovume level! Because the lowest volume step is to loud. I’m using Creative EP 630 ECO In-Ear earphones and have the latest firmware on my player: V02.01.3F.

Please include a lower volume level in the next firmware version. Thank you!

You are aware that there hasn’t been a new firmware since March last year and probably never will, right?

As a workaround, try MP3Gain on offending albums.