voice records don't show up in "listen to voice rec" menu after recording

I expanded my fuze with another 8gb, but other than that it’s stock.  I record a memo and it does not appear.  i sync it, i see in on the disk using windows explorer, i detach from usb, it is still not in the voice rec folder (on the fuze screen).  after i sync a few times, and if i’m lucky, it’ll show up in the voice rec folder (on the fuze screen).

anyone else having this problem?  the voice rec was a major reason i went with this over a nano and it’s not working!

Just to be sure, once you stop the recording, are you selecting “yes” to “save the recording”?

Note that the Fuze voice recordings are in the Record folder, and only on the device internal memory.

If I understand you correctly, are the files missing when you immediately switch over to “listen to a recording”?

Bob  :smileyvery-happy:

I am.  If I remember correctly, from my computer I see them under


Correct, when I immediately finish recording, then go back to

voice->listen to a recording 

it is not there.  If I sync to the machine I see/play it through windows explorer, but after disconnect it’s still not in

voice->listen to a recording

different issue, but possibly related, just to give a little more info: 

It also takes a very long time (10 minutes+) immediately after disconnecting (and/or the next boot after disconnecting and powering down) while saying “refreshing library” or something to that effect (sorry, but you know what I’m talking about).

I am having a similar issue.  I recorded several voice memos. I verified that they were on the Fuze. Then I used the sync cable in MSC mode (I have a Mac running 10.4.11 Tiger). I mounted the Fuze on the Desktop, added some music and unmounted. The music was there, but when I navigated to my voice recordings, the area said [Empty]. I was seriously bummed. But, the next time I connected the Fuze to my Mac, I navigated to the Record/Voice directory, and…all the files were there! I copied them to my computer, unmounted and…gone again.

Then, as a test, I recorded a voice memo. Checked to make sure it was listed on the Fuze. Then, I connected via the sync cable to the Mac. Once the Fuze appeared on the Desktop – on the Mac it looks like a removable drive – I waited about 30 second, then unmounted it.  The file was gone (from the Fuze display).  I remounted the Fuze and opened it up in the Finder, and all my files plus the test one were there!

Can I get the Fuze to see the voice files again?