Voice recordings skip when I play them, and then it my fuze 'died' tonight.

If I record something with the (excellent quality) voice recorder, it skips my recordings when I play them back!

What on earth is going on?

Anyone experience this?

I am going to exchange it asap. But if it dies again (it wouldn’t turn on tonight til I reset it) I’m going to have to go for another mp3 player all together.

What a waste of my time and money!:robotmad:

They will soon release a fix for that.



Indeed, the recorder does sound good, with the exception of the skips.  There’s nothing wrong with your new Fuze+, it’s a software bug.  I can’t wait for the official release.  Recording voice and radio is a very nice feature.

Bob  :stuck_out_tongue:

They are saying it’s a data storage problem, and I’ve hardly got anything on my new Fuze+! There’s no way it’s that… :-/ Very annoying because the voice recorder is something I really need. If anyone hears about when this problem is fixed, please send me a PM!

this was fixed with the latest firmware release. the update thread is posted at the top of this forum. follow the instructions there to update your fuze+. 


Voice recording works very well now, very good sound!

Bob  :smileyvery-happy: