Voice recordings gone in media player

I have been syncing my sansa voice recordings to my computer for over a year now. I have not knowingly changed any settings on my fuze. I did wipe my computer and have synced music since. this is the 1st time syncing voice files since. This time when I view the content in windows media player I can see all my music but not the voice recordings (usually under unknown artist -no folder exists this time) searched through every folder. I have dis/re-connected several times. Please advise on how I might fix this. says I have 15 voice files ranging from 5 min to 35 min. USB mode has always been in auto detect. V 02.01.09A. Thanks

HAH! I deleted some of my music. dis/re-connected. now I can see the voice files. why it wouldn’t show them before after refreshing I have no idea. but all is good. hope this helps someone.

i cannot  view my voice recordings  when i connect  to computer folder seems t have disappeared  help

Go to Settings/System Settings/USB and try MSC and then MTP. It should show up under one of those. 

Voice recordings are only visible in MTP mode I believe.