Voice recording in card memories

Now , voice recording are possible only in internal memory, if recording would be possible in additional cards, amount of record time will be great!!!

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Hah! I was about to post a thread about that! I’m not the only one!

That wouldn’t be very helpful in a player with a built in battery, but would be very handy on a AA or AAA battery powered player.

What’s the difference?  I don’t understand how one way would make a difference, please explain…

The Fuze can record for 6 hours in a gig of space. If someone has a 4 gig Fuze, and has all their music on a card in the player and the main memory free, then they have enough space to record for 24 hours. There isn’t enough battery power in the player even at a complete charge to recod for 24 hours. If a player has both swappable cards it can record on, and uses an easily swappable battery(AA or AAA?) , then there is no limit to

 how much they can record. There are digital recorders that record on SDHC cards and use AA batteries. They start at around $150.

would also be good to be able to record to mp3 files in different bit rates.

A mic jack would also be extremely useful. I guess what you really want though is a recorder that is also a player, rather than a player that also records.

There are recorders that do what you want, however they are over $100.

It would be nice if Sandisk would make such a recorder, as it would probably be better and cheaper than the competition. There are so many companies making mp3 players, yet so few companies making decent affordable digital recorders