VMWare & ReadyCache Problem

Hi all;

Is this product not compatible with VMWare?

Whenever i try to work on my virtual machine (VmWare Windows 7), my hdd starts to read or write somethings like crazy and after a while either it freezes or it tries to continue like normal (but only tries…)

And this situation repeats simulately.

Does anyone have this kind of problem?

Sandisk markets FlashSoft, an enterprise level solution that supports VMWare and utilizes ExpressCache technology, a glmpse of some of the complexity required here: http://www.sandisk.it/products/flashsoft/vsphere/ , but I don’t think ExpressCache by itself will work in that environment – it is designed to work with a single hard disk that boots Win 7 or 8 directly.

Sandisk experts, feel free to correct me!



I have the same problem too. On earlier versions, I got this problem when the computer was under heavy load.

On more recent versions I seem to only have this problem with VMWare virtual machines.

I reported this when it happened and Sandisk sent me another drive, but no improvement. It’s a software problem

Did you find any solution?

My only solution is to disable ReadyCache before running VMWare. (It still not a %100 solution, sometimes VMWare freezes but not so often.)