Vive Le Tour 2011

Think the French aren’t passionate about their cycling and racing? Think again! Even the farmers in the region the Tour is passing through got together for an unbelievable display of support.

Not only did this take an enormous amount of scaling, planning, coordination & work from a lot of people but it was done exclusively for the TV cameras in the helicopters. The riders nor the en_tour_age [carefully chosen word] in the cars can even see it from ground level!

I’ve been watching the Tour de France for several years, and although one always sees unique and interesting monuments, sculptures, field art, etc. along the road this one is by far the best and most imaginitive I can ever recall seeing.

Magnifique!  Smiley

That was incredible, wasn’t it?  During the run of the Tour De France, I rise during the wee hours for my daily update of the race.  Love every minute of it!

During the morning commute, I have to hammer the pedals, it’s in the blood.  Of course, the color of choice for the jersey is nothing but jaune.

My current bicycle has climbed several mountain stages, the Tourmalet and Mont Ventoux, very good mojo indeed.  Watching the climbs, I would love to take it up those roads again!

Bob  :smileyvery-happy: