Vista Prob

I have tried to hook up my e200 and Vista doesent see it in any mode.It worked briefly in MTP mode but Media PAlyer didint see it.I have searched the forum and tried everything related to the same prob.Any body have any more ideas???

Ive noticed one thing that helps connecting a device is making sure the player is plugged into the back on a desktop system. Front ports dont seem to put out the same power as the back ports do, being their connected directly to the motherboard. Laptops may have this problem too and may need a powered hub to have the computer “see” the player.

I have tried this ,tried both front and all 4 back poprts.I am getting it to install but now it doesnt show up or anything.I am thinking of a powered hub to help

thanks for the tips

The powered hub mainly helps for laptop situations but is a good try. Also did ya try on another computer just to make sure it does connect ok?

After several days and many hours of trying to figure this out I finally got it to work. I was searching other forums and took a chance and went in and changed my BIOS settings(turnes off USB 2.0) and it worked

Again thanks for the tips and I am glad I found this place

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