Vista copy-paste screen not responding.

Every time I copy a large amount of files to my Clip, the Vista taskbar item that show’s the remaining copy time freezes (not responding under task manager). The operation is not interrupted, but it hangs like 80% of time. Anybody experiencing the same issue?

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Ah, Vista.  How much data do you refer to as “a large number of files” in this issue?  Is this simply by highlighting a group of files for a drag and drop en masse?

Bob  :dizzy_face:

Some friend confirmed he has same issue. Let’s say 100 files+, the copy-screen just hangs, if i don’t touch it the operation works fine. Just need some user advise on this, i think it’s caused by the badly managed OS cache system.

I don’t drag/drop. I press ctr+c over some folders and ctr+v under music folder. 

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Ah, you may have grown up using DOS and WordStar, then?  I have the same habits.  Out of curiosity, are you in MTP mode?  After the graphic hangs, can you check the device and see if there are any omissions in the number of files successfully transferred?

If in MSC have you selected “enable write caching” under the Properties > Hardware > Policies tab?  Perhaps this may be an issue.

Bob  :smileyvery-happy:

I always use MSC mode, because i hate using crap Windows Media Player. 

I think it’s an Visa issue, write caching is disabled for the usb device.