Viewing all music on my player

Is there a way to view a master list of all that I have on my player including the 4gb internal and the microSD card inserted?  I have a LOT of duplicate songs.  Also, is there an easy way to make playlists for the player?

You can view a list of the music files on your Clip by using Windows Explorer, or a media manager like Windows Media Player or any one of several others: Media Monkey, Winamp, etc.

For Windows Explorer, this is found by going to My Computer, the clicking on the Sansa.  Navigate to the Music folder, and you can list your files.

Using Windows Media Player is a bit different, as the application will want to manage your Sansa.  For starters, when connected, click on the Sync tab, but select Cancel when asked by the application, “do you wish to sync?”  Just close that box.  Then, select the Clip with a single click on the device, seen on the left of the screen.

Your music files will all list in the main screen.

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I think Neutron Bob didn’t read the question well or is thinking of the Clip not the Clip+.  From your computer I don’t know of anyway to check duplicates between Internal Mem and External Mem.  The only way I know to do it is to delete the duplicate songs using the delete song feature on the Clip+.  You power up the Clip+ and select Play Songs and you will see all the songs loaded on both the Internal and External Mem together.  When you see a duplicate song or any song you want to delete, select the song by pushing the center button or the right button then the down button until you reach delete song.

I guess you also could open up 2 windows on your computer, one for the internal and one for the external memory, and just manually compare, side-by-side. 

I don’t know if an external music organization utility such as Media Monkey or WinAmp might show all the music in a single list.

(Wiping glasses)  For comparing the Internal and External memories for duplicates, Windows Explorer works just fine, as described above.

The burning question is how the duplicate tracks got there in the first place.  By using a media manager application, you can delete the duplicates selectively, or simply reload the library onto the Sansa as desired.

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Miikerman’s solution is another possible option depending on how your folders and all are set up.  I have separate folders for artists with subfolders for albums which would make looking for duplicates in Windows  Explorer about as big a pain in the rear as going through the list on the Clip+.

I have had duplicates on the same drive.  I can understand how the Clip+ may not be able to look at both drives at the same time to not allow duplicates, although I wish it would, but it should duplicate songs on the same drive.  I suppose it’s possible I did not give my media mgmt program time to build a list of what was there.  I’ve been trying MediaMonkey lately because I read some good things about it, but so far I’m not impressed.  I’m considering switching to MSC from MTP to reduce the possibility of duplicates on the same drive.

Although I’ve had several players over the years, I’ve not been all that into exotic things like gapless play and such.  I generally have been able to get the players to do what I want them to do.  At least until they died or I upgraded to more memory.  I refuse to do iPod because I despise the proprietary platform and IMO the quality of sound of the players is substandard.  My ex-wife had a Nano (the squarish one) and my ex-step-son had the iPod Classic and have used and listened to both a good bit so I’m not basing my critism on a 10 minute in store experience.  I had a Creative Zen with a SD card slot but it wasn’t integrated so it wasn’t all that useful.

The point of all that rambling is that I’m taking a look now at how I do everything and one thing I’m looking really hard at the file structure on my computer of my music and getting it more efficient.