View battery problems

For quite some time now, my Sansa View has been having battery problems.

Even though the computer (right click, properties in My Computer) says the battery is at 100%, when I try to turn it on, the screen flashes to the empty battery screen and shuts itself off. Even in the seldom event that I am able to get it to fully boot, it usually only indicates that it has low battery life, whether it be a quarter or very low (red). I don’t think the firmware is the problem, as I have both updated it and regressed, but the problem has persisted. 

Does anyone have a solution to this problem?

What happens when you try to charge it? Does the battery icon flash as if it’s taking the charge? Maybe your cable has a broken wire or pin in it. Do you usually charge from your computer or an AC wall charger?

Then again, the View is a pretty old machine. The battery could just be Kaput.

The battery does flash as if it charges. I am able to sync, view files, update firmware, etc. The connection is fine.

I charge it through a computer.

From what I’ve heard about lithium ion batteries, and the age of my machine (about 1.5 years) I don’t think its possible for the battery to be so caput.

I wouldn’t think 1.5 years is that old either that the battery is not taking a charge. You might try taking it apart and see if the battery terminals/connections are corroded and/or making a good connection.

I have no idea how to do that. Furthermore, is it possible that it is not taking a charge if the battery indicator on the computer says it is fully charged?