View album now playing?

When I am playing a song, the display shows the artist and song title, but not the album.   Is there a way to see what the album is playing?

Click down on the “wheel” to bring up Music Options, then scroll down the list to Track Info and press Select (the center button). I don’t know if there’s a shorter way.

If, one day, you put the Rockbox firmware on your Clip+, you can choose from a variety of display screens to show or make your own, which can include the album info.  Rockbox currently is being worked on; although it will work on your Clip player (and fairly well), it still is listed as “unstable.”

This seems absurd.  Isn’t showing the currently playing album something that must be on the screen?  Maybe a future firmware update?

There’s limited space, and SanDisk chose to omit the album info.  Personally, I agree with you and actually would opt for album over artist.  Or even better, alternating between the 2. 

They should do it like they did on my old Sandisk m250.  Just show song title/album scrolling.

If I recall correctly, one of the SanDisk reps. noted in the boards that increasing the scroll speed takes extra RAM.  And so this could be a reason why this was not done for album info.