Videos won't sync right; had a colored screen.

I had the USB mode on Auto Detect on my Fuze and I tried to sync some videos on it using Windows Media Player. When I press Start Sync, an error comes up that says “Your device requires that this file be converted in order to play on the device. However, the device either does not support playing video, or Windows Media Player cannot convert the file to a video format that is supported by the device.”  The videos are WMV format and my Fuze supports that! So then I tried changing the USB mode to MSC and tried it but it converted them into audio files.


I’ve synced the videos to my Fuze using Windows Media Player before but I had to take them off because when I played them, there was a low quality, kinda transparent, green or pinkish cover thing over the video. I could still see the videos, but it was like someone covered a screen for a window with pink or green plastic wrap and stuck it in the Fuze, over the video. Help!

You have to use the Sansa Media Converter (version 4.236.).