Videos On Fuse Problems

I have put some videos on my fuse and they will play for about ten minutes and quit saying ," This format is not supported." Why does this happen after the video has been playing for a while. This is how i put the videos on. I downloaded the video from Google, Using Orbit downloader, then converted it to AVI using The Free Prism Video Converter and then put it on with the Sansa media converter.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

They shold be fine if they play, what may have happened is that the files have somewhere along in the process become Corrupted. Do a search on here for how to run the Chkdsk utility then run it and see what happens.

Be sure that you have the latest firmware installed on your Fuze.

You can try converting your video to avi format, and run it through the converter again.  There may be a glitch in the video file.


Thanks for the advice everyone. I have put the video through the converter three times. The file seems to be fine, it will play on my computer. I have also installed the latest firmware, but i havent tried to put it on again since i installed the newest firmware. I will try everything you have told me. THANK YOU

How do you find where your device is located(such as E:, F:, etc) i need to know this to run the chkdsk utility.


Go to my computer. If you are not in MSC mode then you need to unplug and switch to it.

Sorry i am special, what is MSC mode, is that just the mode where it says connected on the FUZE screen?

I know and should have been more specific. First no matter how you connect the player it will say connected. To get to msc go to Settings> System Settings> USB mode> Msc.

Ok i have it connected that way and one is just a removeable disk. Is that my MICRO SD Card? The other says just the Sansa FUZE. I take that to be the player itself. Is that correct?


Thank You so much! I am running the chkdsk right now.

It just finished and said there are no problems. Now what should i do?

hmm. It has to be the video then. Try something else. Get a video from another site, not youtube or google or anything like that. Those videos were not intended to be downlaoded and may not work right.

Just for anyone else who wants to run the chkdsk and doesn’t know how there is a great explanation


It is the third one down.

What would be another good sight to look at for the video?

I dont know. I dont use Videos on my fuze much. And what I do use are ripped from DVDs.

O ok, well thank you for all your time!