Video4fuze & SeLinux?

I finally have loaded video4fuze using Fedora 11, but the problem it is a  blank screen.  To achieve this much I loaded up wine, mencoder, pyqt4, ffmpeg. But the screen still loaded blank.  I have and error message from Selinux saying it won"t load correctly. Could this have something to do with security blocking? If so how do I turned this off to load it up correctly?

Strange issue…

I can’t see what SELinux could have to do about a program which does not access any system-wide file or device or anything.  Do other pyqt4 apps work for you? (like hplip or eric4, if you can run them, you will be able to run any pyqt4-based app, and i’m sure they’re in the fedora repositories).

Could you start video4fuze from the command line and paste here it’s output?