video4fuze Query

What settings do I need to change in video4fuze to make a video playable on a Fuze+?

What was it, 224 x 176?  The format used for Video4Fuze works on the Fuze, the e200 v2 , and the Fuze+, without modification.  The screen of the Fuze+ has more available pixels, so you could change the values to reflect the new aspect ratio.

I have Fuze (original) video on microSD, and all of these files play on the Fuze+.

Check the thread about using AnyVideoConverter with the Fuze+, it has a good set of working parameters.  The Fuze+ is very receptive of video from different sources.

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Yes, but what do I change in the preferences of video4fuze to reflect the new aspect ratio? I have used AnyVideoConverter and it’s great, but I was just checking what settings to change in video4fuze to make it have the specs of the Sansa Fuze+.

Just go into the Preferences, which an be accessed by clicking the " advanced" menu, and it should somewhere say the numbers 224 and 176. Change these values to 320/240. If you use two pass-encoding, make sure that you change these values on both passes. (If you don’t know that 2-pass means, your probably not using it, so there’s no need to worry).