video4fuze instructions

I looked through the threads and did not see any instructions on how to use Video4fuze.  Yes, I finally downloaded it correctly on Linux Mint. But now I wondering if Im using it correctly no video on my fuze yet. Does anyone have the instructions on how to use video4fuze?

What do you exactly need to know?

Just add the video file to the conversion queue (the buttons are quite explicit), then choose output folder, then click convert button.

Then, if the output folder isn’t your fuze, you copy the converted videos to your fuze (along with the .thm files, which are video thumbnails).

Exactly the same for images.

And playlist editing is very similar.


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Otherwise it is impossible to help you …

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Thank you very much thats what I been trying to get help with thank you! I just needed know how to convert video using this video4fuze.  This is my first using this software.

I have an error messege An error has occured {Emno 2} no such file directory home c :wine drive_c final.avi

@toniajackson wrote:
I have an error messege An error has occured {Emno 2} no such file directory home c :wine drive_c final.avi

Wow, this one is puzzling. What OS are you using?

linux mint dual with windows xp

As additional information, Im not familiar with linux but if Rhapsody is working with linux you can also try that software transferring videos. :wink: It works for me, I use MP4 video and AVI. :wink:

Mmm what version did you download? the .deb package or the tarball?

Do you have wine installed?

Yes, I have wine installed and I download the deb package.  Could it have something to with avi-mux?

I finally got it to work correctly my problem was the correct format.  I had to use mov format to download movies to my player.  Thank you for your help. It does work great with Linux Mint.

BEWARE video4fuze WILL CRASH YOUR PLAYER!!! I took all the thread advice, downloaded the software from the link, ran the program in windows xp. Converted the video files to my BRAND NEW FUZE and the file crashed it, making it impossible to use. THANKS ALOT!!!

Many have had success with files converted by video4fuze, including me.  What did you do leading up to the crash?   Have you been able to recover your fuze?

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Okay, it’s only a video.  Never had the Fuze freeze before?  To reset, slide the power switch to the ON position, and hold it there for about 20 seconds.

Bob  :smileyvery-happy:

Thanks for a great program!  When the sound card went on my computer, I was able to download important interviews and watch them (and hear them) on my Fuze using video4fuze.  Excellent!