video4fuze conversion too short and Sansa fuze media converter funny

I put a uncorrupt, mkv, 2 hour long movie in Video4Fuze. it takes about 2 seconds. when i check my sansa fzue, it plays fine, but it only plays the first second of the movie!

help me!

when i convert a file on sansa media converter, it takes like 5 hours and the video is completely green. the video is just a green screen.

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The MKV container has new features that are problematic for conversion to AVI, one of which is variable framerates (VFR). Neither mencoder nor any converter I know of will convert that properly to AVI. Too, some people still use crappy muxers like VirtualDubMod to make MKVs that play on PCs, but not anywhere else. Lastly, mencoder itself isn’t foolproof, nor is the libavcodec library it relies on to decode the input files.

In short, not all media can be converted. When you run into something that doesn’t work, it’d be helpful if you can snip a sample and post it online if you have the tools to do that, so others can examine it. Otherwise, just shrug and move on.

The good news is that the AVI format is dying out, just as VCD/SVCD before it. The next PMP you buy will use MP4, and conversion for them will be much more straightforward, if needed at all.

Unfortunately, this is quite true. If you cannot directly convert your .mkv (Matroshka video) files with mencoder and therefore plan to experiment with these files by yourself, I’d recommend to use the actively developed cross-platform tools from mkvtoolnix. And you should probably extract a smaller chapter from your full length movie before you start testing.