video4fuze Comes on Strong

I recently got one of thise

And the only useable vidfiles that I could get a quickly was .avi. I had plenty of .flv but it would not play them. As an experiment I used my video4fuze to convert a few .flv’s to avi and they worked

Well today I found a couple of dozen flv’s including about 5 feature length movies that I got from Internet Archive. All told about 3.3 GB. I first tried two of the movies and it worked in the sense that I found material in the chosen output folder. So I said “OK now let’s see if the other 2.3 gig scares you off”. Well v4f went through them and appears to only have puked up one of them: NO error message just a tiny output file

Testing was the big problem None of my players, which menas WMP, RealPlayer nor the IrfanView media player will ply the full .avi file that v4f outputs WMP and IrfanView Media Player only play thei audio and RealPlayer, deispite being called “Universal” gagged entirely saying it needed a piece of software to ply the file so when I said OK I was told that none existed. Is there something odd about the v4f output?

So I put the whole mess of vids on a 4gig card and put that in my HDMI player and randomly opened a few and they played fine.

Anyway v4f gobbled up 2+ gig of files and with what appears to be one exception, ate them up and spit them out

You probably don’t have the right video decompressor on your computer. I recommend XviD. You see, not all AVI files use the same audio/video technology. Some might use formats like Windows Media, which your computer can probably play back without any additional software, while others like what the Fuze uses, use Mpeg-4 part 2. In this case, you will need software, like XviD, DivX, or FFDshow (again, I strongly recommend XviD).

Or, you could get an *actual* universal audio/video player, like VLC. Unlike RealPlayer, VLC can play just about everything without the need for external software.

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Now that I’ve got it and installed it, what do I do with it? I looked in the folder and there are several .exe files and a zip

You should now be able to play Fuze videos using any directshow player, such as Windows Media Player, Real Player, or even IrfanView. Your files should play as long as you have XviD installed.

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This may, or may not be of interest. They’ve just released V.2. of VLC Player.

I just downloaded it today, but I haven’t played with it yet. Just FYI.