I have everything working now and will write down how I did it for my fellow newbies soon!

In the meantime, I had a question about video4fuse.  The end result is perfect, but I get an error message on the computer when it is finished with the convert.  I turn on my Fuse and everything looks great.  Do I need to delete and re-load video4fuse or just leave it alone and click ‘ok’ on the error message every time?


Wouldn’t this be better off posted in the video4fuze thread?

I wasn’t aware that there was a designated thread for this and don’t know how to move this one.  Would any one please care to help me?  Thanks,


Just click on the link Tapeworm provided and post. No need to move anything.

The best way I’ll be able to help you is if you apen an issue in video4fuze’s project page.

But anyways, if it does work… I would just click ok at the error and let it be.