Video wont convert (downloaded from FireFox Downloadhelper)

I have just (for the first time) and I have downloaded a clip from a website that I would like to put onto my Sansa e250.

I clicked the download, and it was… FILENAME.flv. So I downloaded it, and when I got the download, it was had no file extension (.flv, .avi, .wmv, etc.)

So, I decided to go into the properties and make it a .avi, but just typing it into the file bar (where it allows you to also rename it).

Then I went to put it into my Media Converter and it said…

"THIS FILE “LOCATION OF FILE”, if this file can be playedback on your computer, than this file may not be supported by Sansa Media Converter, or it is corrupted.

I really need help with this! And when I put it in .flv, it “not a media type”.


You can’t just change the file extension willy-nilly and expect it to work. AVI’s are not the same as FLV’s, MOV’s or any other video format.

I’d try downloading it again without the ‘Downloadhelper’. And you’ll need another video conversion softwre to handle the .flv format. The Sansa Media Converter most likely will choke on it. Get Any Video Converter or any one of several other free programs discussed here and run it thru that first. Then turn it over to SMC for final conversion and transfer to your player.

Do you have a v1 or v2 model? Each one prefers a different video format.