Video Viewing Angle

Just a quick question regarding the viewing angle of this player when watching video.  I have a black 8gb unit, and when I try to watch video on it, I find that the viewing angle of the screen isn’t really becoming to watching video.  If I am watching something with black in it it’s like one of my eyes sees true black, but the other eye sees more of a glowing (off angle) black.  All in all I find this so distracting that I can’t watch video on the device.  If I switch the video orientation to portrait it gets better, but obviously video is made to be watched in the landscape format.

Is this just the way the screen on this player is, or does mine have an issue?

Thanks for any help.

Actually, for most viewing, the screen is optimized for viewing a vertically-oriented (portrait) display, as seen while navigating your music.  Normally, this means that the controls are at the bottom, and you’re looking at a display that’s tilted slightly away from your face.  I’ve found that if the device is tilted, while watching video in landscape orientation, with the right side slightly closer to your eyes, video looks best.

It only takes a few degrees of tilt, with your left eye looking directly at the screen, and your right just slightly off-axis, to view video with the best contrast.  I admit, it seems awkward at first, but video looks much better.  The larger screen can be held a wee bit further from the eyes, which helps too.

The first time you watch video in landscape, the rotated controls is a surprise, isn’t it?  The Fuze+ automatically reconfigures the controls when viewing in landscape.

Bob  :wink:


Sounds like your observations of your unit mirror those of mine.  While I’m not crazy regarding having to angle the unit a little bit in landscape mode, I do feel better knowing the my unit isn’t special :slight_smile:

Thanks for your help.

this off center viewing angle has been my experience as well. the weirdest part to me is how the display changes differently depoending on whether it is tilted left or right it landscape mode. i would definitely be happier with the screen if the sweet spot for viewing wasn’t so tiny, and wasn’t off center.