Video: slightly Fuze-related...any experts?

OK, This is not quite Fuze-related but maybe someone could point me in a better direction…

I have a number of videos converted from YouTube to avi format and then through SMC to the Fuze.

They play great on the Fuze.  No problems.

When I play the straight avi files (before conversion through SMC) through VLC player on my PC, they play great.  VLC player identifies them as DivX avi files.

Now here’s the deal:  I have a standalone portable dvd player which has USB and SD card ports. (coby TF DVD7377) It’s firmware is set up for playing DivX files.  It has a really tough time with these avi files and does not play them properly.  It plays other feature length professionally-converted files just great.

I have tried the Convert function in VLC Player- for DivX encoding.  Somehow it doesn’t work or even make proper files as far as I can tell.

Does anyone know of an application which will import various video files and allow conversion to true DivX  format or other user-definable parameters?

I’m having a similar issue with video files (avi) off my Canon camera.  They will play fine on WMC and VLC players but not on this portable dvd player.

Any thoughts or suggestions?


I would try getting the Divx 7 bundle. It is a free download, and you get a converter that will convert any file to pure Divx, or hi def, or any other one you choose, it is good for 30 days for the converter. Divx itself is free, and you can drag your video files to the player, and burn a divx dvd or cd with the video files you have.

Search google for divx 7, then download and install.

Yeah, it looks perfect.  Tried it last night.

Converts my off-the-camera avi files and the YouTube avi converted files just fine.

I’ll end up buying it for sure.


PS.  I don’t understand why there are not more dvd players with DivX, Xvid capability out there?  I consider COBY to be a second-tier designer/manufacturer, but this is a nice little unit.  USB and SD cards plus discs, all with official DivX support.

I can load up 10 movies (around 700 megs each) on an 8 gig microSDHC, pop it in the USB port and hit the road…or just stick it on the countertop while I cook or do the dishes.  Amazing little device for only $83 shipped from Amazon.