Video resolution etc.

Just a few questions.

Sorry if they’ve been covered, but I couldn’t find them.

  1. What resolution does the SMC output the video?

  2. Does the output of the  SMC change depending on the device attached (eg e250, fuze)?

  3. Are there any sample videos available to download?

  4. If (and this is a long shot) a video matches the requirements of the output of the SMC, does it transcode it or re-encode it?

  5. It there a remote possibility of being able to save the converted video file anywhere else but the device?


  1. it depends on what deivce you are converting video for

  2. yes

  3. the only sample vids i know of come preinstalled on the sansa

  4. not sure but it probably re-encodes the vid. the smc is not the smatrest app out there

  5. if the sansa is not connected the converted videos will go to the sansa media converter folder in my documents

The converted files are added to the device. You have the choise of selecting the icon for the fuze iteslf or the microSDHC card (assuming there is one installed).  At that point, you can just drag and drop the files between the device on-board memory and the card, or the other way around.  Or you can drag and drop between either one of those sources and Windows anywhere on the comupter.  It’s just another file.

So, although they will go on the device at first, you can move them off to your computer to store them if you want.

On my copy of SMC, if my device is not hooked up, “Convert” button is “grayed-out” and conversion cannot occur.