Video player instructions needed

It might simply be that the Ixpand video player is very low on features, but maybe I’m just missing something.  If I stop the player in the middle of the movie, the next time I open that movie it starts at the beginning.  All other video players I’ve used will remember where you were.  Am I missing something, or is there no way to resume play of a movie where I was?

if a file was previously played the player should ask if you want to start over or resume the next time the file was played. I just tested mine ixpand with three videos on two different phones and was ask if i wanted to start over or resume on each of them. I did pause the video before exiting and selecting another file. 

Are you using the latest release of the iXpand drive app? 

Can you let us know the exact steps you are using if you are not seeing the start over or resume message?

I am having the same issue when pausing a movie it does not ask if I want to resume it always just restarts back at the beginning which is really annoying between flights.

I am using the iXpand Sync App version 1.8.2 and the iXpand Flash Drive firmware version 4.5.1. Also during playback the movies will freeze sometimes only for a couple of seconds sometimes for 20-30 seconds then continue playing, similar to a YouTube video buffering, any additional suggestions for either issue? 

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here is a guide, you can about the video player to learn more