Video pixelations

Ok, had my Fuze since XMas, and been using it for music, podcasts both audio and video, shows and movies.   It is a 4gb version with firmware 02.01.17 or something to that effect, I remember 2.??.17 anyway.   I use SMC and Rhapsody to transfer my vids to the fuze and I first started noticing pixelation in vids I was watching a couple weeks ago.   It would show up in dark areas.   For instance, watching a man smoking at night, the man is perfect, the ground and whatever is around him is fine, but the shadows and the night sky would be pixelated, black or real dark, but noticably pixelated.   Then recently I have had vids that pixelate period, the whole image is shot and unwatchable, sound is fine and thats it, but with the pixelation coming and going from scene to scene, one fine, one scrambled, one fine again.   And once or twice vids that are just a scrambled mess.   I havent seen this issue reported yet.

HMM… Have you tried a pixar style movie just to test it? Try a movie like the incredables. My initial thought is that your Fuze for some reason cant handle the video. I would hate to think that its burn , on the screen like on the origional LCD tvs.

Yeah, actually, Wall-E plays fine.  Its a problem I have noticed recently.   I first noticed the black area problem when watching Cult of UHF podcasts.  They take old movies and make them for Ipods.  I was watching Lon Chaneys ‘Indescructible Man’  and then I seen same issue on ‘A Boy and His Dog’ with Don Johnson.   So I figured it had to do with them specificly.   The severe problem came from an ep of Family Guy, and the Movies ‘Wanted’ and ‘Stick It’  I would think its a transient problem since I have loaded and watched those 2 movies before and they played fine.  I had reloaded them to rewatch them.  Its not physical as other vids play fine as well.   And no, Mods, this is not a solution. Yet.

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Could it be that the Fuze cant handle the blacks in UHF’s podcast ( I too am a viewer but I do so on my PC)? I do notice some minor issuse with my LCD monitor when I watch that podcast. I know its not the monitor (As a gamer it gets montly maintnence and Just had a check up). Do you have the technology, to edit the video? Try to modify the light and darks in the video source. Then resync and see that happens.

I have the same problem too. I think it’s the limited ability of the Fuze to process the varying shades of blacks and grays on it’s screen. For the most part, the Fuze does an o.k. job with videos but color depth is not it’s high point. At 64k color, 224x176 pixel resolution it’s not going to be solid and sharp.