Video on Fuze with MediaCoder?

I’ve been fooling around with MediaCoder’s settings, trying to match the demo file on the player, but can’t get a working setup. 

Anyone found the propper encoding format?

as far as i know videos have to be converted through the SMC to play on the fuze. i think the SMC writes metadata to the files that is required for playback on the fuze.

I dont think mediacoder would work. After I use SMC to convert a video, I check the info of the finish product and it says the video codec is DX50. That’s divx. mediacoder only supports free encoding codecs.  Divx is a non-free encode codec (you can decode for free but encoding is not).

I’ve read online something about setting up mediacoder to use divx encoder, but I’ve yet to get that to work and given up on it. 

Hm, that’s a place to start, at least.  I see several ideas on the first page of Google searches related to that.

I’ll post any successful results I get.  :smiley: