Video issues with E250


I am currently experiencing a couple of issues with my Sansa E250 MP3 player. It has been working fine up until recently.

I had many videos saved until one day after I had charged my player, I found that 8 of the recent videos I had downloaded have been wiped off. The strange thing is that this has not affected my free space, it still has the same amount of free space it did before, despite having less content.

In my Video file, a duplicate file called Video has been created and when I have gone to click on this, it starts creating duplicated Video icons and does not stop until I close the window. I was wondering has something corrupted my video files.

I have since reformatted the device several times and the problem remains. It will only convert a select few of my video files and I am having great problems with trying to convert Windows Media Player files in particular.

It would be greatly appreciated if anyone could provide any possible solutions to this problem.


It almost sounded like there was a virus or something corrupt on the player when the file started ‘duplicating’ itself. At least that’s the first thing that came to mind.

So we can better figure out what’s going on I’ve got a couple of questions, just to clarify what’s happening.

  1. You are using the Sansa Media Converter to convert and load the files, correct?

  2. Is the problem happening over and over with the SAME video files, even if they’ve been re-converted from their original format? Or have you tried loading completely new files and you’re still getting the same results?

  3. What process are you using to format the player?

  4. What version of the firmware are you running? (to check this on your player: Settings --> Infor --> ver or version)

Hopefully some additional information will help us find a solution for you. :slight_smile: