Video Folder Empty on Ver. 2 e200 -- Ver. 1 Files Don't Show

Copied all my videos from my old Sansa e280 (Ver. 1) to my e280 (Ver. 2), yet my Video files don’t show up. Still, they’re on the device and they’re in the correct folder. Since that didn’t work, I dragged them into the new Convert program, which promptly screwed up the orientation. Thinking I could outsmart the thing, I then replaced the new files with the old files.

Now the orientation is upside down!

Tried AnyVideoConverter, but it can’t handle the sideway orientation and tries to correct for it. Real mess.

Anyone have any suggestions?

Perhaps a better way to phrase this is: Is there a way to convert previously converted videos which were converted using a previous version of Sandisk Converter? There doesn’t seem to be a way on the new Converter to change the aspect ratio. Thus, when the new Converter program encounters a previously converted video, it tries to flip it sideways. On the old Sansa e200 series, just copying the video files to the video directory on the device was enough. On a new version of the Converter program, this could be easily corrected…but it should have been forseen.



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