Video file transfer on fuze. Manually?

If it’s possible to fiind out about the information of the file (bit rate etc), what is the actual problem of converting a video to match the one already given with the fuze, and moving that onto the device?

I’m assuming that the video file on the fuze can be moved  on and off at will.

Or is it some propietry thing like Itunes? 

You would need to use the SMC each time. 

I had one on the fuze and then tried to save it and took it off the fuze.  tried to put it back on, couldn’t get it back on. 

That’s why all my videos are done once on a card (and I ended up with a lot of cards).

Now there might be a way, but I’m not sure what the information is, sorry.

Not true for me. I converted a couple of videos using the SMC and then copied them to my local harddrive. As a test I then deleted the files from the fuze and copied them back on and they worked just fine!