Video Downloads????

OK, newbie here.  My young grandson received a 4gb Sansa Clip for Christmas.  He wants the ability to download videos as well as music.  The salesman assured his mother you could do so but nothing I’ve read here says this is possible.  We need to know if his Sansa Clip should be exchanged for a different Sansa.  Then again, after reading all the bad reviews of the Sansa Converter we might just try a different brand.  Your thoughts are greatly appreciated.

View video on Sansa clip? That is impossible.

If you are using Sansa Fuze or View, Video is Okay.

If you don’t like Sansa Media Converter, you can try Rhapsody software, which is free.

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OK, I feel like an idiot.  My daughter called and said it was a Sansa Fuze, not a Clip.  She had a lot of trouble but finally was able to download videos.  She talked online with Sansa support but was less then happy with their assistance.  She finally located a video on Youtube that demonstrated how to download videos onto the Fuze and it worked like a charm.  Don’t know the name of the video but you could probably search and find it.  Good luck…it shouldn’t be this difficult.