Video distortion at the bottom of the screen during playback

While watching tv shows (mkv, avi, mp4 formats), noticed a distortion at the bottom of the video screen during playback.  Looks like a water ripple about a 1/4" high.  Installed the latest software version 4.3.0 on my iPad Mini.  I also have the SanDisk wireless stick, but don’t have the distortion issue.

I have an ipad mini 2 and playing avi, mp4, or mkv do not see the same issue you are seeing. 

what model of iPad mini do you have. the if you can provide the model number from the back and from the setting > about will be helpful. 

Also what resolution are the videos in? If you can provide a sample file with the issue we can see if we can recreate the issue. if we can we can escalate to sandisk support so they can report the issue to their app developers. 

I have an Mini 4, model MK9G2LL/A

I think the resolution is 720p?  Received the files from a friend.

Can you upload a file that has the issue to dropbox or something similar and PM me a sample file. If I can test and confirm the issue is reproducible I can escalate it to sandisk support to file a bug with the apps team. 

The link to the sample file was PM’d to you

I am seeing the issue as well with this file. I will forward it to sandisk support. Hopefully the apps team will be able to find the root cause and release a fix soon. 


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