video converted backwards???

hi everybody

have finally decided to add videos and after downloading the media converter newest upgrade now find my videos re converted backwards other than that the sound appears okay although I did not go far enough into the movie to know if thats an issue . but for now I am mainly concerned with it being backwards any suggestions or help will be most appreciated


Hmm, that’s a strange issue there, don’t think i’ve ever heard of it doing that before. Try uninstalling the SMC and reinstalling it. See if that helps. Also is it just one video that this happens to or any video?

Yes, this happend to me also. I have a e260, brand new out of the box. Got it yesterday. The image is mirrored but the sound is fine. It’s pretty wierd. I will try and unstall SMC and reinstall it and see if it still does it.:neutral_face:

I also have this problem. Although i did convert a video off of a digital camera and it worked correctly. Other than that it doesn’t work right. i’ve tried reinstalling many times, but that didn’t help. What is going on with the Sansa media converter?

If you plug in your Sansa and try to play the videos on your computer(s!) are the videos still backwards??

If not, that means that SMC converted them the right way and the Sansa is playing them backwards.

If they DO play backwards, then it’s an SMC problem.

It is a Sansa media converter problem. when i play a converted video on my pc, the video is still mirrored. This really needs to be fixed. i also noticed that the help for SMC shows a frog or something in the background. My version is 4.236 and there is no background image.