Video conversion

I tried for the first time to convert a video file -42 min file - avi - XVID - 624 x 352 resolution. I loaded it into SMC and it said converted successfully. I go to open it on the fuze - says unknown format…

I converted through SMC so why is it telling me unknown format… HELP!!


Does ANYONE have any ideas?

This is how I do mine, I have to convert just about every video first and they work fine:

Open Anydvdconverter (or video converter)

open the drive with the dvd…

then choose the Video folder

Click OK

This should open it into ADC.

I only choose the longest one (I only want the movie anyway not any special features).

Under DVD Options I choose

Audio Lanugage - 128 - enac3 (5.1)

[note: this I always have to change or I might get a foriegn language.  The rest below is set and stays.]

Video Options

Codec - xvid

size - 320x240

birate 768

Audio Options

Codec - mp3

Bitrate - 128

Then I click on Encode and do other things (on my computer too) until it’s “completed”. 

Then I plug in my Fuze,

open SMC,

Choose either the internal or card (card always for me)

Then I click on Add Video (I only do one video at a time, even short ones, found it easter and better)

Find the video and choose it,

Make sure the video is highlighted, click on the Convert button.

Wait until it’s done.

Then it’s on my Fuze.

Check out the SMC board for more help.