Video conversion for windows 2000sp4

I may be out of luck but I am going to post anyway. I have looked for a way to put vids on my fuze using windows 2000sp4 for about a week now. I realize smc doesn’t run in win2k. (I shoulda done more homework before I bought my fuze from a friend) Video4fuze apparently doesn’t work either? or am I doing something wrong. I have tried ewelots tutorial but mediacoder and fuzemux doesn’t work for me either, avi-mux seems to though. I have tried using a few other MEncoder gui apps for windows (EncodeDAR and another one I can’t remember)but so far nothing has worked. Let me point out that I know nothing about coding (I barely remember BASIC from school…not the same I know but its the only thing close that I have ever used…LOL). I don’t want to upgrade from win2k cause I am stuck in my ways and cheap. I use mediamonkey for my music so atleast it’s not a total waste.

Anyway…Do I need to give it up or can I find a mediacoder type app to use with avi-mux? Do I need quicktime (the new verision doesn’t work with win2k although I found an old version I am downloading as I type)

Any Help will be appreciated.

Rhapsody can also convert videos. Don’t know if it’s win2K compatible though.

The new version of Rhapsody isn’t compatible with win2k. I’ve about given up. Borrowing my little brothers laptop and using video4fuze which so far works.  I will continue to try to find a way to do this using win2k just because I’m stubborn.  Apparently I am going to have to learn code and see if maybe I can teach this old dog some new tricks.


You might find WinFF and this thread of interest. Although the thread is written with the e200v2 series player in mind, the principles and tips should work for the Fuze too.

Since you’re in the steam age, do you know about

See if the old RealPlayer (Rhapsody’s dad) can help. I have no idea, but what the heck.