Video Bug With version 26 Firmware: Lost Bookmark!

It’s been a few months, but I hadn’t played with the function, watching videos end-to-end when I have had the chance with the Fuze.

That was until this morning, when I found a missing function.  If you stop a video with the Fuze, an automatic bookmark used to be stored by default, for each video played back.  When opening the video later, just like podcasts or audiobooks, the mask, “resume from beginning” or “resume from start” was available.

Note that we still have the option in the video submenu, “video bookmarks”.  This is different, a single manually selectable bookmark point for each video file.

To use the video bookmark as you progress through the video file, you must first select “remove bookmark”, then set a new one at your stop point.

Just for fun, I reinstalled the version 22 firmware, and I once again have two bookmarks per video file.

I’m surprised that I hadn’t noticed this omission until so late, shows how busy I’ve been.  Better add this one to the list.

Bob  :smileyvery-happy: