Video Audio Lag


When I convert video’s unto my Fuze, the audio is plays faster than video. Are others having this problem and is there something I can do to correct this 

Audio/Video syncing issues are quite common. There are a thousand-and-one reasons why it could be happening and only a few ways to deal with it.

I have had good success with Avidemux described and linked to in this post.

Tapeworm that might work.  I haven’t tried much or put more video on my Fuze lately.

But all little devices or converting videos can do this.  iPods also have this video-audio lag.  I convert some to play on my netbook (no cd/dvd drive) and one had the lag.  All different formats.  Not sure why or how come it happens, but it does.  And it’s not necessarily the same movie, although it can be. 

[note: I watch one video at a time on one device… my coworkers have their own dvd’s to convert, although haven’t for a while, the novelty wore off I guess]