Very slow Refresh Database and MTP does not work

I recently bought a bunch of Clips, and have had some problems with a few.

Two players dont work well in MTP mode. I was able to load data on to the players, but cannot see any files in the folders in Explorer. When I remove the player, the Database Refresh always runs, but very slowly.

I MSC mode, the player seems to work fine, I can see the files in Explorer.

I have reformatted the memory and updated the firmware to 1.20E, but this did not improve the situation.  I have double checked the tags of the files.

This problem is not a show-stopper, but I woud like to know why these players perform differently from the other identical players I have. The contents of the files is identical on all players.

Any ideas? 

Any ideas? 

Slow Refresh Database will only happen when you are in MSC mode…however, if you have it in MTP mode, then your refresh DB should be quick…that’s jus the nature of it…won’t be able to do anything to change that

Just for comparion, my 2gb Clip refreshes the database in maybe 30 seconds or less.