Very poor battery life

I just got it for Christmas. Charged it to 100%, been listening for 15 minutes, battery life is already down to 85%. /Sigh. What should I do?

Are you listening to music or watching videos? The different medias change battery life. Videos are significantly more draining. Also it was your first charge (I assume) Try running it down(Let the battery indicator turn red) Then recharge it this may help but the media you are using makes the battery life change, also what is the setting on backlight time and Brightness, turning these down should help

Just music, backlight is 10 seconds, and brightness is 50%.

Out of the box, it’s possible that the device just needs to be “exercised” a wee bit.

Continue using your new Fuze over the next day or so, and watch the battery icon to see how it fares.  Also, the accuracy of the battery meter has been updated, from an original 4-bar resolution (25% steps) to a ten-bar (10% steps).

Go to Settings > System Settings > Info to read the installed firmware version.  You may need to update the firmware.

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Like I said run it down and charge it back up. Are you sure that it is that low? If you are judging based on that cute little batter in the bottom left corner then you may hvae more battery than you think. Go into settings and info and check the battery power there.

I’m going by the system info, yes. I updated it this morning.